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How it Works

It’s very simple. Once you’ve signed up to FreeTreats, you’re automatically enrolled in all of our FreeTreats Daily Draws. Every day at 11:50am our system will select a new winner for each one from all the eligible players. An “eligible player” is anyone who has signed up to the site and checked to see if they’ve won any of the draws at least once in the last 2 weeks.

If you stop checking then after two weeks the system won’t consider you an active player any more, so won’t select you as a possible winner. However, unless you ask us otherwise we’ll keep your details in the system, so the moment you come back and check one of the draws you’re an eligible player again!

We do it this way so we don’t go days on end without people winning – we want to reward those who take part regularly.

If you win and complete the simple winners form then we’ll send your prizes over by postal service or email. Simple!