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About Us

FreeTreats.co.uk is a simple idea by a simple person. We have a big pile of crisps, chocolate, coffee and cash, and we want to give them away to our users.

Every day at 11:50am our system automatically and randomly selects a winner from the pool of eligible FreeTreats users for each one of the Daily Draws that we have running – FreeHaribo, FreeChocolate, FreeSurprise and FreeCoffee.

We send everyone who has signed up a Daily Draw Reminder email to remind them to check to see if they’ve won, so you don’t even have to keep us at the front of the mind all day.

Those winners have exactly 24 hours to check the site, submit their email address to see if they’ve won a prize and claim it. If the winner fails to check the site on the day they’ve won then the prize is lost and they’ll have to wait until their name is picked at random again in the future.

If the winner claims their prize then we’ll send them their prize. It’s as simple as that! Winning FreeSurprise or FreeChocolate or FreeCoffee of FreeHaribo will see a physical prize turn up on your door step.

It is Free today, it’ll be Free tomorrow and will remain 100% completely Free for the entire time you’re playing. We have adverts on our website and the Daily Draw Reminder emails that help us to pay for it all. So it really is – and always will be – totally Free for you to play.

You can find more detailed information on how the draws, the company behind FreeTreats and the site in general works in our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.