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A Brief History of Treats

FreeTreats.co.uk launched in April 2017, but it is actually the baby sibling of some much older websites.

The FreeTreats story starts back in Autumn 2015, when we launched the first version of a site called FreeCrisps.com. Users signed up and then every Friday we would pick one at random and post them some crisps. It was very basic and there was just one prize a week, but it got the ball rolling and introduced the world to the amazing concept of FreeCrisp Fridays.

In August 2016, FreeCrisps.com was relaunched with a very familiar system to FreeTreats. Every day, a random winner would be selected from our database of players, and that person had 24 hours to claim their prize. If they did claim it then happy days – FreeCrisps on the way. If not, the prize was lost.

On 22nd August 2016 we tried – for the first time – to have multiple winners. The idea was for the system to pick three players a day… but the system broke. By the time I realised what was going on, it had already told everyone checking the site that they’d won and ended up costing about £300 to honour all the prizes claimed! That day has gone down in history as The Glitch. We stuck to one winner a day after that, but made the prizes a bit more epic.

We’d run monthly competitions called FineCauses, where members could put forward local groups, charities or organisations to nominate to win a box of Walker’s Crisps, just to say thank you.

There were Facebook competitions too, where we gave away more and more FreeCrisps to the people of the UK.

In November 2016, we launched a new sister site – FreeChocolate. This worked in exactly the same way as FreeCrisps and performed well, but gave us an idea. Rather than keep making new sites, why not make one site to rule them all: hence FreeTreats was born.

Work began on the new site in December and took many, many months to get it right. But after several sleepless nights, angry meetings and lots of trips to the bank, FreeTreats is here now, giving away multiple prizes to multiple winners every day. If it weren’t for its older relatives, there would be no FreeTreats, so we all owe a lot to FreeCrisps and FreeChocolate.

We’ve got lots of ideas for the rest of 2017 and beyond. We’re proud sponsors of the King’s Lynn Stars Premiership Speedway Team, a runner in the 2017 London Marathon and possibly a few more events in the coming months.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing FreeTreats every day as much as we enjoy working on it. We don’t claim that our prizes will change anyone’s life, but life is better with Treats – especially when they’re free.