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The FreeTreats Referral Scheme Is HERE!

We love you. We really do. So, it stands to reason that we’ll also love your friends. As such, we’ve come up with a way to get to know your friends while also saying thank you to you for being you… and being here.

Our referral system is pretty special. Enter your email address in the box below and the site will generate a Referral Link for you to pass around to your friends/family/milk man. Then for every one of your friends that sign up using that link you’ll get one day in the Referral Draw.

1 friend = 1 day in the draw, with a cash prize up for grabs. Every day you generate another sign up, you’ll be in the draw for another day. 😀

We’ll pick a new winner for the Referral Draw every day at 11:50am, you just need to check like all the other Daily Draws.

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